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40 acres of land. A geodesic dome. A grain silo. An airstream. A bonfire. The night sky. 300 people. Dance. Bonfire. Art. Nature. Food. Technology. Life.

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The Five Senses Festival: three weeks of world class art, food, technology, and nature – on a field in the Connecticut woods – less than 2 hours from NYC.

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Coming Summer 2018: July 21 - August 11

  • Opening Weekend kicks off the festival with the Five Senses Ball.
  • Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays are packed from sunrise to moonset with programs for all ages.
  • Weekdays the festival site will serve as an artistic laboratory for Pilobolus and collaborating artists, and Pilobolus will co-program other activities with community partners around the town of Washington.
  • Closing Saturday features a Pilobolus Kids Show and the premiere of the new evening-length Pilobolus show, Come to your senses. 
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Pilobolus's Five Senses Festival brings together artists, movers, and thinkers from many disciplines to create whole-sensory experiences.

Pilobolus is an internationally renowned movement company. For 45 years, we have tested the limits of human physicality, exploring the power of connected bodies. We perform internationally for 300,000+ people each year – and create custom performances, digital content, movement experiments, and live events. You’ve seen us at the Oscars, the VMAs, and the Olympics, and collaborating with OK Go, the NFL, Hyundai, RadioLab, and more. Honors include a TED Fellowship, a Grammy® Nomination, a Primetime Emmy® Award, and several Cannes Lion Awards.  

We're inviting authors, painters, farmers, musicians, chefs, psychologists, roboticists, journalists, entrepreneurs, composers, designers, and you - to meet and experience and celebrate beauty, creativity, and nature - together.

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Pilobolus has always been interested in and motivated by many different ideas. As we are now living in such a rapidly changing world, we need time to come back to our senses on what we believe to be human.

Because Pilobolus is singularly good at gathering people together to experience and celebrate.


The Five Senses Festival is supported by the Connecticut Community Foundation.



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