Festival Field, 292 Bee Brook Road, Washington CT


Here’s a look back at our 2018 Five Senses Ball.

Come back soon for more information about the 2019 Ball!

In the meantime, you can still support Pilobolus as we get ready for the 2019 season and festival!


Pilobolus puts human relationships in motion. We use our bodies to share stories and build live connections – through local gatherings, traveling workshops, and interactive activities, transforming audiences into artists

This year we performed in 45 theaters, in 38 cities, for 100,000 people around the world. And we stepped off the stage with Pilobolus@Play, sharing ideas and engaging communities in creative activities for all ages and abilities. 

This summer, we launched the inaugural Five Senses Festival –a celebration of world-class art, experiences, and ideas– engaging the senses, celebrating nature, and inspiring our local community in Washington, CT.

Our new touring show, Come to Your Senses, honors the festival spirit, drawing ideas from collaboration, sensory awareness, and the natural world. 

Help us continue to turn crowds into communities. Make a tax-deductible donation, and be a part of our efforts to brighten people’s lives with art and wonder.

Thank you, from the many moving parts of Pilobolus.


Questions? Contact rsvp@pilobolus.org


The Ball will unveil the Five Senses Festival site
and make the Festival possible.

With thanks to the following supporters
of the 2018 Five Senses Festival vision  

Stephanie & Tim Ingrassia, Hosts and Chairs
Kathy & Steven Guttman, Vice Chairs

CHARTER CIRCLE Amy Julia & Peter Becker - Lauren & Mark Booth - Molly Butler Hart & Michael Griffin - Shauna Holiman & Robert Hackney - Carolyn Klemm & Family - Rebecca & Jim Neary - Christine Armstrong & Ben Nickoll - The Savage Family - Mark, Marie, Eric, & Benjamin Schwartz - Abigail Pogrebin & David Shapiro - The Benedict Silverman Foundation - Monica Mandelli & Marco Valla

SPONSORS  Jody & John Arnhold - Brad & Tama Bernstein - Darcy & John Treacy Beyer - Maria & Woody Campbell - Ashleigh Fernandez - Susanna & Eric Salk/Hodges Foundation - Debra Fine & Martin Schneider - Lisa & Scott Stuart

SUPPORTERS  Keith & Peggy Anderson - The Bowman Family - Kirsten Feldman & Hugh Frater - Gary Goldring - Judy & Douglas Hamilton - Jaclyn Levin & Andrew Kandel - Beatrice Rossi-Landi & Darryl Nitke - Kirsten Peckerman - Amy Cappellazzo & Joanne Rosen - Joan & Marc Sherman - Leslie & Greg Warner

DONORS  Phil & Linda Andryc - Margaret Honey - Christina & Peter Klemm - Caroline Levy & Leonard Kady - Jane & Chuck Klein - Jill Faherty Lloyd & Michael Lloyd - Stacey & Pels Matthews - Alessandra Rampogna & Alan Mnuchin - Audrey & Danny Meyer - Stephanie Campbell & Amol Naik - Raffiq Nathoo & Michele Balfour Nathoo - Bonnie & Lee Richards - Lisa Roumell & Mark Rosenthal - John & Carol Santoleri - Cynthia King Vance & Lee Vance - David & Kelly Williams - Sally & Anthony Zunino 

As of July 13.